Supreme Lord Chief Justice

So I'm Louis. I'm a law student and hobbyist artist who loves to bake, listen to music and play long drawn out games of hide and seek.


you know when you have a crush and you cant stop thinking about them but you really want to stop because you kinda feel creepy since they have no idea that you spend so much time thinking about them but you keep thinking about them anyways like why would god do this

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Alternate Titles for DSS books:

  • Book 1: Put That Fucking Spider Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me
  • Book 2: A Child Disappears And His Parents Will Never Know He Was Eaten Alive
  • Book 3: Nothing Good Has Ever Happened In A Slaughter House Why The Fuck Would You Go In There
  • Book 4: Road Trip And Camping Basically
  • Book 5: Creative Ways To Kill A 16-Year-Old, A Memoir By The Vampire Princes
  • Book 6: How Is This Fucking Kid Still Not Dead JFC
  • someone continue the list!
  • Book 7: Oh Shit Tiny Evil Meddling Man Wants The Kid To Go On A Quest
  • Book 8: Lol Familiar Faces. Wait What The Fuck Is Going On. He's Evil. Come On Man You Should Know This.
  • Book 9: You're Going a To Watch Your Heart Burn. Oh Plot Twist.
  • Book 10: So Many Plot Twists I Hope You're Keeping Up.
  • Book 12: When You Finish This Book, Re-Read The Title Then Proceed To Kick Yourself For Not Getting The Pun
  • friend: promise you won't tell anyone
  • me: i promise
  • me: *tells my mom*